Breaker Brewing Company gives me hope!

Just in case you missed it yesterday, I have a link you really need to check out. Here's a video of a local news channel interviewing Chris Miller and Mark Lehman from Breaker Brewing Company in their brewery...er garage ;-) Check out their website.

I'm just sitting here in my little dream.


Anonymous said...

Since the Breaker Brewing company of Plains PA. debuted their selection of fine hand crafted beers on April 24th. & 25th. at Kelsey’s in Ashley PA. and Elmer Suds in Wilkes Barre PA. I can honestly say that these two boys, Mark Lehman & Christian Miller, have created one of the biggest stirs in brewing history in Wyoming Valley. With the introduction of their amber -Anthracite Ale, Malty Maguire, Old King Coal Stout, and my favorite summertime light Goldie’s Blonde Ale. And now a Strawberry Blonde Ale, & I Love PA (IPA), All I can say is keep up the excellent work.
If you’re as old as I am you’ll remember the guys talking about the brothel on lower State St. Wilkes-Barre that Goldie’s was named after.
All in good fun and all superb beers attested to by their sales records and overwhelming public support. These brewers extraordinaire have managed to place their Hand crafted brews in just about every major Pub & Bar in the Wyoming Valley by request of the establishment’s owners and public demand.
They have recognized the love & respect that the Valley With A Heart has for it’s Coal Mining Heritage ( we’re all Coal Crackers ) and have won over a huge portion of the Valley’s beer drinking patrons. I know they both come from Anthracite Coal Mining families and are well versed in local history and I look forward to their continued success. Keep it up Breaker Brewing Company…
Stashu Milski,
Man of Mystery-Polka Dancer-World Traveler

Adam said...

:-) I gotta get me some of that beer!

I think they should hire you as their pitch man!!!