The Big Brew! Also, the AHA needs a blog.

Yeah, I sat this one out. Mostly due to the fact that I wasn't around and able to brew. Did you participate?

Hmmm...I don't know what it is, but, I'm always outta the loop wth the AHA. I think they need a blog. Don't you? I mean Charlie does a good job in his Examiner blog, but, they need somebody to focus on homebrew communications at the AHA. Maybe they would consider having me do it?

Eh, just thinking out loud. I'm sure somebody will tell me to shut up sooner or later.


Brew Dude John said...

I hope they don't tell you to shut up. I think they need help getting the word out too.

Adam said...

Yeah, the thing is that they have sooo much going on over there. It would be cool to have some RSS feeds to help focus the updates.

Of course that's probably my blogging bias kicking in.