Would you brew...er ferment in one of these?

Would you ferment in this? Its a commercial grade trashcan from Rubbermaid in their Brute line. While reading some homebrew mag at the bookstore I saw that somebody suggested fermenting beer in this trashcan, a dolly made for it, a lid, grommit, airlock and some keg lubricant for the seal.

So, I looked into it and found the LDPE 4 recycle symbol on it. It is also NSF 2 rated. From what I can tell that's a good sign. It is USDA listed, whatever that means.

Well, there's a thread on HomeBrewTalk about stuff like this.

Would you ferment in it?


Deege said...

I make wine and large batches of beer in something very similar. I just use the lid too, no seal. The minibrew works in a similar manner, and I've never had any problems.

So yes. As long as it's food safe, it's ok.

Jim said...

Yea, man, that's just crazy enough to work. Can't be worse off than my carboy! (check out today's post to see my nice mold colony)

Adam said...

Well I decided to pick one up. I think it will do just fine. The only thing I'm going to watch out for is holding beer in it for a long time. Its still oxygen permeable, but, that should be fine for short term use.