Participating in and facilitating a conversation...it's what we do.

Beer Wars love it or hate it, did cause some commotion on beer sites. Alan's blog is a good example. I've been mulling this stuff over a bit. So after the movie I kinda felt like this. "Yeah that's too bad about the beer industry. What the heck should we do about it?"

Then it occurred to me. If this documentary is to be the beginning of a conversation or perhaps a rekindling, then we represent some of the people who could heat things up a bit. That's right you and me. So lets do what we do.

Beer Bits 2 readers and fellow bloggers, what say you? Let's turn our collective attention to the issues of the beer industry. Go on, blog about it. Not just about the movie but, what we can do to spread our insight on good beer beyond our little corner of the Net?

  • What is so damn important that Anat Baron decide to make a film about it?
  • Are these things important to you? (You don't have to say yes by the way.)
  • Should these things interest the average beer drinker and why?
  • If so, what can we do to share our insights with the average beer drinker? I don't think they read my blog or yours, so how do we reach them?
By the way I'm not doing this, because I was asked to. I'm doing it because, I like to get attention on
my blog ;-) That and I believe there are problems with the way the beer industry works and who better than the consumers to bring change.

Note: I'll chime a bit later with my personal take.


Gile said...

Indeed we need to keep the conversation going! The average beer drinkers don't read blogs about beer because, why? Because they are "happy" with their light beers.

So how do we approach those individuals? Should we be approaching those individuals? Its not like I want to convert them to craft beer drinkers. That's as bad as me trying to convert someone's religion, which I am against.

Tons of questions here! But it looks like what really needs to happen is changes at the top. Changes at the government level to either do away with the 3 tiered system or fix it. Get the Budweiser shelf captains out of there. Put control back into people's hands.

Adam said...

I hear ya. I don't think we need to convert everybody. I also don't think that the changes at the top will happen on their own.

More later...

Alistair Reece said...

I have found that it isn't a case of "converting" light lager drinkers, but rather letting them know that there is so much more out there than Budweiser, Milwaukee's Best and the rest of the crap.

I am yet to meet a person who likes a drink, and I mean genuinely likes a beer rather than just tipping the cheapest liquid turd down his throat, who didn't start drinking craft beers when he had the courage, or the 6'4" 250lb bloke stood next to him deriding his choice!

People want good beer, it is our job to inform and educate people as to what is good beer.