Hop shoots sprouting...

This is a closeup of one of the thirty hills planted with hops. This is the product of a crown I split up into extra big rhizomes pieces. That explains all the shoots :-)

Photo courtesy of Gavin, enjoy!


Jason said...

Adam, they're looking great so far! I think after this season, I might split some off. So far, they've grown very quickly!!


Adam said...

Thanks :-) It was pretty easy. I think this is the fourth year for the plants I split. I'm sure I could have done it one year two, but, never really gave it a thought. Just dug them up, rinsed the dirt off, then I started cutting the rhizomes and splitting the crown.

I was kinda nervous at first, but, it all seemed to turn out great in the end.

I'm waiting for the Magnum to come up. No shoots yet.