Checked on the backyard hops...

The backyard hops, not the hop yard hops, are going crazy. Some shoots are over a foot long already. I cut all the shoots off to force more growth into a couple bigger shoots. The first year is hard for people to do this, but, it does help and I don't feel overly attached to those first shoots anymore ;-) Here are some words you should be familiar with if you're going to grow hops. I'm in the middle of doing my taxes so I won't post links or definitions. If you would like to, I'd be ever so appreciative.
  • rhizome
  • crown
  • bines
  • shoots
  • twine
  • trellis
  • hill
  • side arms
  • hop burr
  • hop flower
  • female plant
  • male plant
  • high yield
  • bittering vs. flavor/aroma hops
That's all I can remember right now. Back to my taxes.

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Adam said...

Yeah, I'm too tired to post links tonight. Nite.