Bits of hop growing news...

You can see for yourself in the last post that the hops in the hopyard are sprouting. While they're not six feet tall like one of my established plants, they were planted just a few weeks ago and are progressing as you might expect. We're still waiting on the Magnum to send shoots up. I can't wait to see all thirty hills growing up the trellis system.

Hops in the Office
Still didn't get that rhizome potted. Maybe I'll plant it tonight and bring it in tomorrow.

The backyard hops are going crazy and as the most established plants they of course are the biggest. The Chinook plants are really taking hold. One of the bines is six feet tall and at least as thick as my pinky finger. I trimmed all but two of the shoots back, strung some twin and started training them. The question is what the heck will I do with them once they grow higher than the shed? At this rate that could be in a couple days.

Western Pennsylvania
Meanwhile the rhizomes at my father's place have done well. Trimming back to force growth into stronger bines.

Virgina Rhizomes
Rhizomes at my brother-in-law's place are just fine. He'll be trimming them back to force growth into some stronger bines.

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