The blogosphere is buzzin' with noise about this Beer Wars movie. Some people are expressing their opinions about this here flick. Damn, I love it when that happens. If anybody cares, I think I'll be there. I can't wait to see who shows up from the local beer crowd. It is afterall an event where no beer is being served.

I have to tell you something though. Kinda embarrassing actually. I've been known to attend first showings before. Nothing like camping out all night or taking off work for such a thing, but, I've been to midnight showings. I usually try to buy tickets online ahead of time. Costs a couple bucks more, but, reserves my seat for that potentially sold out show. Here's the funny part.

So I'm all cool in my head thinking, "Yeah, I don't really care that much about this thing." Alan and Mike really got me thinking it might be kinda pointless. Well, after a little reflection I realized something. Just yesterday I was so interested, that I actually thought it might be sold out and rushed to buy tickets online. I think I'll take my chances and buy them at the door.

I wonder if this post qualifies me for a free ticket? I guess I didn't post the press release like New Century Brewing asked, but, I did what I do with such things. Chandra are you listening?


BTW Did you see that list of sites they compiled?
It's almost as big as Jay's :-) (scroll down on his site to get the full effect)


Alan said...

Don't be guided by me. I was more turned off by the PR. And I am not a movie goer generally unless there are lazers being blasted from a starship to another starship.

Adam said...

Yeah, no Wookies in this one ;-)

J said...

Actually, I think they did use my list, though they may have modified it somewhat.

Adam said...

Well I suppose that's the highest form of flattery.