Beer Wars: Who won?

So before I go reading BA or other blogs, here's my impression. No plot spoilers or technical critiques here...heheh.

Yeah, saw it in King of Prussia, PA. A couple of friends and familiar faces showed up. We hit Rock Bottom Brewery for some grub and a couple beers. The IPA was actually interesting. Nice.

Just finished a pint of homebrewed pale ale we kegged last night and ready to pull one more from the tap. I'm stalling. Ok, I would have to say it was confusing. I mean I enjoyed parts of it, but, not the whole experience. The film was a mixed bag, something I'd expect to see on the History Channel or Discovery Channel. The panel at the end was uncomfortable sometimes. Is that a good thing? Could be. Kinda shows its real. Can I sum it up in one sentence.

How would you react to a show that preaches to the choir in a new/different quasi-live format when you expect to eat popcorn and be entertained?
  • Did I laugh? Yeah.
  • Did I cry? No.
  • Was it interesting? At times.
The one thing I'd have to say is that it wasn't overly polished. I tend to like those kinda things. What has changed? Not much for me I guess, but, then again I'm in the choir.

Edit: I think there were maybe 50-100 people in the theater. Didn't count.


Sean said...

Hello Adam,

I'm from the Boston area and I also saw the movie last night. I didn't see it in the city, so the crowd was much smaller.

The movie reminded me of a one sided Michael Moore movie (especially since AB/MillerCoors didn't provide any positive feedback). I agree that it was rather strange in how it was presented.

I hope this movie is seen by non craft beer enthusiast because there are a lot of out dated laws that discourage and hinder entrepreneurs from creating a successful business. AND there are a lot of awesome craft beers out there.

If you are interested in reading my recap, please visit http://2beerguys.com/blog



Drink Craft Beer, You've Earned it!!

Adam said...

Hi Sean,

Thanks for stopping by. I liked your review of the movie at your site.

I do think it would be cool for more people to see this, but, I'm not sure I would feel comfortable asking them to. Maybe I need to see it again. Then I might be able to see it in a better light.