What does it take to open your own brewery?

I can't say I've put any serious research into it, but, the thought does intrigue me. How about you? Is your dream to open a brewpub or brewery someday?

Ok, I've done some research.  Here's a book I bought.


Alistair Reece said...

I would love to open my own micro-brewery. I have been working on a business plan for the best part of 18 months, and when I am settled in the States I hope to get something up and running in abotu a year or so.

The biggest problem though with a brewery would be distribution, so perhaps I will start with a great beer pub, and raise capital to convert to a brewpub along the way.

Bull said...

The thought of actually one day selling my own brand of beer has been in the back of my mind for some time. I figure the number one thing to do is get damned good at brewing! With around 6 years left before I retire from working for Uncle Sam, I figure I have plenty of time to do that. So for now I've decided to work on a handful of styles and get as good at them as I can.

Also need to think about continuing education and, eventually, a business plan as Al mentions.

Dave said...

A big line of credit would certainly help, that and having a minimum of 3-4 solid recipes that you've brewed over and over consistently well. Also keep in mind location, location, location. It also helps to have 1 or 2 other partners who are as passionate about beer as you are and who are willing to work their butts off to get things going. That and a lot of guts and luck. What more do you need? Ah yes, a good cheap source of equipment might help too.

Matt Hendry said...

As someone that has worked in micrbreweies don't try and to be to big and gradiose to start out with ,if you have a few good solid recipes consider contract brewing with another microbrewery And always brew a Blonde as one of your mainline beers because Blonde Ale is the gateway microbrewery beer for macro drinkers,

A typical packing run in a contract brewey is is 1250 cartons of bottles or 100 kegs of beer so be prepared to have the money to pay for the beer and then have the accounts to sell it .

If you are just starting out and dont have a whole lot of money consider a Nanobrewery and only have a few accounts in your local area .


Make sure that your brewery meets all Local town regulations like fire,enviromental ,zoning and health regulations and state liqour laws before you go to the TTB and make sure the premises is secure to protect the governments revenue .

Remember that owning a brewery is a lifestyle and you have to work hard and your never gunna get super rich making beer.

Adam said...

Thanks everybody for the comments. Matt, dood! If I had money I'd hire you on as a consultant.

This just gets me thinking even more...