Unofficial Philly Beer Week Maps Updated...

Yes the unofficial Philly Beer Week maps are updated. Check the sidebar over there -->

UPDATE: Removed from the sidebar. Here is the final version.
~Friday 3/6 (kml)
~Saturday 3/7 (kml)
~Sunday 3/8 (kml)
~Monday 3/9 (kml)
~Tuesday 3/10 (kml)
~Wednesday 3/11 (kml)
~Thursday 3/12 (kml)
~Friday 3/13 (kml)
~Saturday 3/14 (kml)
~Sunday 3/15 (kml)

Note: kml links should work with Google Mobile Maps

Thanks to Bryan @ The Brew Lounge
for the list of events. I couldn't put this together without him :-) The official schedule can be found at the Philly Beer Week site.

Yep, I'm here to tell you that it wasn't fun either. I don't have this automated on the server side, so I have to go through all these manual steps every time Bryan updates his spreadsheet. Next year, I might find some way to make it a bit easier. Here's the process I used just in case this kinda stuff interests you.
  • dowload Brew Lounge's google spreadsheet as Excel file (thanks Bryan!)
  • put columns in correct order, combine some columns with forumulas
  • make sure records show in proper chrono order
  • split into 10 diff days
  • export into 10 tab delim files, one for each day
  • use http://batchgeocode.com to create KML files
  • give KML files new names so Google Maps doesn't use old cached ones
  • make sure the KML files are saved in unicode for Google Maps
  • use Notepadd++ to change pushpins and remove some quotes from the 10 files
  • upload to website
  • test
  • change sidebar HTML to reflect new links (URL to Google Map and raw KML file)
  • Then you realize you screwed up and have to redo the whole thing. Sorting is a PITA.

So what does this tell me? There's probably an easier way. I guess I would try to automate it if I did it more often. You know, I should probably check to see how http://beermapping.com does their stuff.

Whew, glad that's done.


Bryan Kolesar said...

Must be slow homebrewing days, eh?!

Kidding of course. These are nicely done and useful ... Thanks! Now put down the mouse/keyboard and come join us.... Updates are finished, it's game on!

Adam said...

Friday is my day to let it all hang out :-) Its killing me so much I have to participate somehow!

Saw the coverage on your run at Dock Street. Nice! I liked the photos the most.

Pete LaVerghetta said...

Can I just say that Google map is great. Kudos.

Adam said...


Much appreciated :-)