Unofficial Maps for Philly Beer Week: Some things to know...

For those of you who are not as interested in PBW I apologize for this non-homebrew rambling about Philly Beer Week, maps, cell phones and pint pushpins.

I have been spending some time trying these maps out (check sidebar). Here's what I'm thinking...
  • They're already out of date compared to Bryan's spreadsheet and possibly the PBW website. Hopefully I'll fix that soon. How out of date? Not sure really. Just remember to double check with the event host regarding time and date. Also check the Philly Beer Week official website.
  • Mobile iPhone: The maps sorta work on the iPhone. In the mapping app you can type in the kml URL (see sidebar) and it will load all of the pushpins. I don't have one, but, it worked on a friends.
  • Mobile Blackberry: It actually seems to work better on the Blackberry using Google Maps Mobile. This is not the same thing as the Google Maps on the web. Using the Gmap mobile app type the KML URL into the search box. You get a master list of all events, street view were available and the nifty pint pushpins.
  • Google Earth: The desktop software will also load the kml file and likely allow you to have lots of fun flying from event to event.
  • Web: This is the easiest. Just click on the links in the sidebar and have some fun.
  • Web: Try saving the maps to your maps. You can then update it as you like.

Did I forget something? If anybody else has an experience to share, just leave a comment.

Enjoy Philly Beer Week!

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