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  • 09:35 Listening to The Chieftains, makin' coffee, Yards Real Ale Invitationa later today #pbwl #
  • 09:37 got the snow tires off the speed3 yesterday, damn i missed real tires #
  • 12:16 at yards real ale inv #pww #
  • 12:43 brooklyn black ops @ yards on cask! #pbw #
  • 14:04 @ EvilchurchdOc i'm in front of the band drk blue coat bald #pbw #
  • 18:39 done wit philly beer week, eats at The Abbaye ahhhhhh...:-) #
  • 18:50 so i'm thinking of my next brew #


Jeremy said...

So how was the Black Ops?

Adam said...

It was good. Do you remember the Stouten Porter I made. I have a couple gallons in the basement that I'm trying to salvage. Its kinda like that. A very big beer. Dark black, molasses, alcohol notes...

A bottle of this would be nice to split among 5 to 10 people. Not something I'd want more than a couple ounces of. Also, it was among many other beers when I tasted it. Also, it was from the cask so I'm not sure how that changed the taste. It would be interesting to taste when carbonated from the bottle.

Great surprise cask eh :-)