Tj's is fun :-) and other misc stuff...

It all started with a text message. You know how it goes. "Goin to Teresa's Next Door and after that TJ's." I respond something like, "We'll see, got to take daughter to bball game." Text me when you get there."

Hours pass and the txt msg comes in. "Leaving Teresa's Next Door will be at TJs around 8:30" I think about it. Tough call, wife kinda sick, kids getting ready for bed, one throwing a fit...hmmm. My answer is "After I get the kids to bed, we'll see."

Long story short I pulled the trigger and headed to TJ's in Paoli, PA. I had a great time with Tom F., Joel A., Bryan, Richard R., Jeff (the J in TJ's) and Jeremy and Jackie the folks who txt'd me. What a great night :-) Looking forward to my first Friday the Firkinteenth, Smok'em if you got 'em, and the Yard's Real Ale Invitational. Everybody was talking about Philly Beer Week events. Ghaaah!

So, how lucky am I to live in the suburbs of The Greatest Beer City in the world?

Here's a video about Friday the Firkinteenth :-)

Find more videos like this on THE CIRCUIT by LO-FI SAINT LOUIS


EvilchurchdOc said...

I'll have to catch up with you at smoke em, firkinteenth or the real ale I'll be at all 3.

Adam said...

Absolutely! See you Friday.