PBW weekend update and covert hops spy pictures...

Homebrew, homebrew why have I forsaken thee? 'Cause there's a ton of freakin' cask ale at Yards! I'm not really feeling guilty about posting so much Philly Beer Week stuff anymore. I mean what would you do if you lived near a city that celebrated the existence of good beer with hundreds of events? Yeah, I thought so.

The highlights were the brewery tour with Tom Kehoe, the VIP hour for $10 more which gave us some breathing room and did I mention that there was a ton of freakin' cask ale? Black Ops from Brooklyn Brewery made an appearance with Mr. Garret Oliver himself. My favorite beer of the day was Fullers London Pride. There were bigger beers with more complex profiles, but, the subtle balanced flavors of this beer on cask is just wonderful. Yeah, good food, music, friends, a ton of freakin' cask ale, a keg cleaner/sanitizer/filler machine I'd love to see in action and well... just go next time. I can't really explain it.

Again, I have some brewin' to do. The question is, "When?"

Oh yeah, I was supposed to check those hop plants out. Hold on. I'll run out there in the dark right now. (please wait...OK I'm back...) I'm happy to report THEY LIVE! Check it out. Can you see the hop shoots in the picture? Look for the purple things in the middle. Click on the picture for a closer look. That reminds me. I'm supposed to dig up some rhizomes for a couple people.

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