Monday morning catchup...

The dinner at the The Farmhouse in Emmaus blew me out of the water. Wow! De Proef, Local 2, Smutty Nose, etc. Maybe I'll have more later on this.

No brewing this weekend. Dunno why I couldn't get it together.

Digging up hop rhizomes today to share with friends. Also scored some swingtop bottles for use when sharing draft beer with friends.

March's Fermentation Friday is almost here. Get your posts ready! Its all about catching the Spring brewing bug.


vickie said...

That dinner was amazing! The "Les Deux Brasseurs" was a total standout. When is the next Farmhouse dinner? :-)

Adam said...

It was great. I can't believe I waited three years to go to one. Would have been a nice touch to serve beer from the trough don't you think? They looked like open fermentation vessels to me ;-)

Did you get any good pictures? I'm thinking of writing up the dinner.