March Fermentation Friday: Spring brew fever!

Thanks Bryon for hosting this month. Great topic. Really got me thinking. Don't forget to check out Bryon's wrap up. Go here for his topic post.

I'll have to admit that I looked around a bit at all the early Fermentation Friday posts to get inspiration this time around. I think its the lack of coffee this morning. Time to remedy that. Ok, got my cup of coffee.

Brewing is something I do all year round. It's sad to see the cold tap water I use with my immersion chiller get warmer. Some of the darker beers that seem so inviting in the cold months get finished off and lighter ones are brewed. Cooler fermentation temps in the basement slowly rise with the coming of summer. It isn't without regret that I leave winter behind.

Of course this is the way of things and it cannot be controlled. So what is there to look forward to in spring and summer? More daylight means more motivation and more perceived time to brew. The warmer temps make it easier to brew outside and get out of the kitchen. More frequent get togethers in the neighborhood mean more chances to share my brew. Don't forget the hop plants in the backyard. They're sprouting and will soon be growing out of control. Perhaps some hop shoot salad this year (whatever that is).

So all this is well and good, but, Bryon wants to know what spring will propel us to do. Not quite sure yet. It's a good thing he brought this up. Ok, well I brewed two nights ago. Good start. Sent out hop rhizomes for the first time this year. There we go. Something new. You may have noticed my newfound interest in opening a brewery someday. What else?

Ok, maybe. Just maybe I'll try out this all grain thing. I'm so close. I have some used kegs at my disposal. Bryon, this could be all your fault. At least that's what I'm going to tell my wife.


Bryon said...

LOL! Let me know how it goes... I'm not there yet myself... Tell the Misses, I'm sorry!

Adam said...

Just ordered some parts for making a keggle. Next step mash tun.

Andy said...

I don't think you'll regret it, beer wise. It takes a lot more time on brew day, but the results speak for themselves. My wife curses how long it takes, but in the same breath, tells me it's not worth going back to partial-mash.

Bryon said...

Find my round up here.