Homebrew...homebrew...I know its around here somewhere...

Several week old yeast cakes in carboys in the fridge. Hmmm...probably not the best for a new batch. Maybe I'll pick some up over at Iron Hill in West Chester. Or I guess I could use one of the dry packets I have. Choices...choices.

You know I should probably take a look at the hops plants out back. The shoots might be muscling through the Earths crust already. Which means its time for us to think about controlling the bine growth of the Cascades. Last year, too much plant. This year we'll probably cut back the shoots even more severely than last year. We'll probably eat some in the process. Yeah hop shoots are edible. Not sure we have hit the right preparation method yet, but, its fun trying.

I'm thinking sometime next week I'll brew again. Meanwhile I'll be hitting The Grey Lodge for Friday the Firkinteenth and Yards for Smok'em if you Got 'Em tomorrow. A whole day wandering around Philly for beer events! Check out the most current list of firkins at The Grey Lodge. I'm sure its going to be crazy. This will be my first FTF.
Appalachian Celtic Knot
Arcadia Hopmouth Double IPA
Arcadia Sky
High Rye
Ballast Point Big Eye IPA
Boulder Mojo Risin IPA
Cricket Hill Col. Blide's
Dark Horse Double Crooked Tree IPA
Dock Street Hop Garden
Flying Fish Applejack Barrel aged Grand Cru
Gritty's Black Fly
Iron Hill (North Wales) Biere Noir
Iron Hill (West Chester) Irish
Ithaca Flower Power (pin - counts 1/2 a firkin)
Ithaca Bourbon
TEN (pin - counts 1/2 a firkin)
Lancaster Milk Stout
California Dreaming IPA
Manayunk Oatmeal Stout
Nodding Head TBA
Philadelphia TBA
River Horse Special Ale
Sierra Nevada Stoudt
Fox Standard Ale
Sprecher Special Amber
St. Somewhere Oak Barrel Aged,
Dry Hopped Saison Athene
Stoudts ESB
Troegs Scratch Beer
Yakima Twilight
Weyerbacher Echo
Voodoo Wynonas Big Brown Ale
General Washington Tavern Porter dry hopped with Fuggles

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