I need help building an all grain brewing system.

Travis left a comment referring to picking the right size cooler. That got me thinking. I'll be there's a bunch of wisdom floating around out there. Hopefully between the lot of us we can come up with something good. So far I have...
  • 2 x 15 gallon pots
  • one 6 gallon pot
  • one 210,000 BTU burner
  • one regular burner
So, what should my new all grain system consist of?


Tim said...

I've been using the "cheap and easy" batch sparge system for years. I first learned about it on hbd.org from its primary proponent there, Denny Conn. You can read about his system here.

I have one propane burner, a 7-gal turkey fryer pot for mash and sparge liquor, a 45-qt rectangular cooler and a 15-gal boiling pot (I mostly do 10 gallon batches of session beers, with the occasional 5 gal batch of stronger beer). The cooler is fitted with a stainless hose braid to screen grain husks and particles.

I've recently souped up my system a bit with the addition of a stainless ball valve and hop screen in the boil kettle, which drains via gravity through a Shirron plate chiller into my fermenters. The Shirron is great -it can chill a ten gallon batch to pitching temps in the time it takes to drain the kettle.

It looks like you may be going in a different direction, but Denny's batch sparge system is a cheap way to get into all grain brewing.

Good luck!

Adam said...

I will certainly take this under consideration. Nothing is set in stone yet.

Daddymem said...

I'll be doing my first AG very soon, using the BIAB system here (that's me):

Bryan Kolesar said...

Maybe check out the DVD from James and Steve at Basic Brewing, who make all-grain look easy...this is not a paid endorsement ;-)

Adam said...

Funny you should mention that DVD. I was watching it last night. A good friend passed it along. Maybe you know him ;-)

travis said...

If you have two 15gal pots, I am sure you are going to find yourself brewing 10gal batches (min), so I would get nothing less than 70 or 80qts in your cooler size. 100 qt coolers are great, but you lose temp faster in those than smaller ones.

Also, with two 15gal pots, you might want to consider a direct heat system and just buy a second burner.

The good news is that you have a lot of choices.

Adam said...

Thanks Travis. :-) I love this blog thing. Nothing like getting first hand advice.

Pablo said...

I am using an orange cooler I bought from walmart, 2 pots (a 2 gallon and a 3 gallon). I warm the water up on the stove and am going to boil the wort in the same two pots I used to boil the mash water. I have already realized I need a bigger pot. ... I am actually brewing right now and it's my first batch of all grain. I am making a dunkelweizen.