Brewing tonight: What kinda of beer should I brew...hmmm...

That's right Mr. Last Minute is brewing again. I have a bunch of stuff on the shelf screaming pick me...pick me. Hell I don't even remember what I have on the shelf. Just to prove how bad I am at remembering this kinda stuff, here is my recollection. To the best of my recollection I have...
  • 5 - 10 lbs amber liquid malt extract
  • 33 lbs of amber (liquid malt extract)
  • some steeping grains including (special b, caramel something or other, chocolate, and various other flavors I haven't used before)
  • hops...uh..two types of hops I've never used (one pound each)
  • yeast...uh...(liquid saison, high gravity, a bunch of dry yeasts)
  • two carboys with yeast cakes that I don't trust
Ok, time to whip something up. Session beer with some flavor? Almost tired of that song. Perhaps something hoppy with mystery hops. Eh...probably not a good idea first time around the block with new hops. Maybe something all about the malt. Darker or lighter? Sweet or dry? Big or little abv? OK...got it.
  • Session beer at around 4%
  • Balanced, maybe push the grain to the forefront instead of hops like I did with the Chinook
  • Don't care about color, probably will be in the amber range maybe a little darker
  • gotta see what kind fun stuff is waiting for me in the steeping grain department
  • will have more complexity than the Chinook Ale where I didn't even use steeping grains
You know I don't do this on purpose. I guess everybody has their way of operating. I'll twitter the rest of the activity and post the summary later. And now the fun begins...

"What the hell is in my basement that I can brew with?"

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