Shine those kegs up...

I'm still working on the brew basement. I haven't been as motivated as of late so this is one of those easy things to accomplish while I'm not doing more important stuff. While I was looking for some info on cleaning the outside of my cornie kegs I found this thread with some pics of polished kegs, actually they are mostly converted kegs. Warning, put your sunglasses on. Here are some options for dressing up those kegs.
  • Bar Keepers Friend cleaner (trying this first)
  • Scotch-brite pads
  • gator grit discs for a drill
Not finished with the research yet. I'll let you know what I end up with.


EvilchurchdOc said...

I bought some crazy metal polishing stuff and want to try it but probably will reserve it for my cornies and wheels on my car. The keggle is way to banged up to put in all that effort.

Adam said...

I tried the Bar Keeper's Friend and it works pretty well. Just did a 10 inch area to start. I'll post before and after pics later.

I need a keggle. I have two kegs, just need to convert one.