Philly Beer Week Map Hack: Day One Activities

Warning! Not necessarily homebrew related.

I used Bryan's spreadsheet data to create a Google map of just the day one events. Click on any circle to get more details. I just threw this together. I might go further (more days, other details) if people like it. Now you can do stuff like...
  • Where are events happening on Day One? (nice especially for the suburbs)
  • Going to an event? Find another one nearby.
  • Get list of events for Day 1 from morning to night click to see their location.
  • NOTE: Event data subject to change. Use at your own risk. 2/24/2009
NOTE: LINKS MOVED to the sidebar!

Look in the sidebar for the most recent links. I'm trying to only have one place to update them.


EvilchurchdOc said...

Nice work, I think this could be very useful. now does it work on my mobile? that would be excellent.

EvilchurchdOc said...

Update: Works on my phone (HTC Touch Pro) using the skyfire browser.

Adam said...

Ecd0c, Good to know. Looking to improve this. Any suggestions are welcome.