HB101 Q7 What book do you recommend for beginners? (via Brew Dad)

This marks the seventh part of a multipart series of posts about the fundamentals of homebrewing. Sure there's books, web pages, pamphlets, kit instructions, forums and all kinds of resources about brewing beer. Why cover it again here? I don't know. Why does your grandpa tell the same stories over and over again? Maybe it has to do with how we do it. Again, the question should you choose to weigh in is...
Q: What book do you recommend for beginners?
This Homebrew 101 question is brought to you by Brew Dad :-) Thanks Brew Dad! So tell us. What books are good for beginners?


EvilchurchdOc said...

I always recommend that beginners go with How To Brew by John Palmer, and that they can get the first edition free online at www.howtobrew.com ; The Papazian complete joy of homebrewing is good but a bit outdated, though I still always tell people to read it as it is easy to follow and not too in depth.The companion is good to add onto that book with more in depth material. For styles when you are getting more advanced move onto Designing great beers (ray daniels) For a beginning to the science behind it all then read brew chem 101. When you want to try interesting things get Extreme brewing by randy mosher. thats about it. All the other ones are as you choose.

EvilchurchdOc said...

Oh, brew ware is good for beginners too because of the equipment they show you how to make. though most all of my recommendations should have a side of any brewing forum, i like the brewboard, for more info and experience.

Adam said...

BTW saw Bryan tonight at TJ's. He said he saw you downtown somewhere.

howtobrew.com and Papazian's book are probably my fav's. I never bought How To Brew...kinda feelin' guilty about that. The online stuff is helpful.

Forums are helpful even as a lurker. Newbs should ask questions though 'cause there's lotsa people who like to help.

The other books are interesting once you get past the beginning stages.

Thanks EdOc. Goin' to any more Philly Beer Week events (he asked knowingly).

kmudrick said...

+1 for How to Brew by Palmer. Hands down best homebrewing book I have - gave me so much more insight into how to make great beer as a beginner.