Yech...porter in the one gallon primary smells and tastes bad...

I have a one gallon batch of porter that tastes like crap. Remember when I brewed this batch? The majority of it got kegged and tasted quite good. This minibatch is that gallon I set aside for a chocolate experiment. I did leave it in the one gallon primary for five or six weeks. Oops...forgot about it. Could it be yeast autolysis causing this nasty smell and taste? Smells kinda like warm rubber or something sulfury.

Did some research (is that what we call a google search?) and found tons of info on yeast autolysis and well lets just say the jury is still out. I'm beginning to think autolysis is a religion. I think the best way to understand what yeast autolysis smells like is to leave some yeast slurry decay for a while and see what it smells like.

I think I'll just bottle it and see what happens over time.


Brian said...

I've actually smelled it before with a saison I did a year or so ago. Honestly I didnt notice that much of an aroma, but then again it was a full batch. If there was an abundance of yeast in this 1 gallon batch I suppose that could be the case.

Is there a chance of a slight infection?

Adam said...

Yeah, there is a chance. I used the same equipment and cleaned the glass one gallon jug with the same one step. {shrug}

I'm wondering if it was because there was too much yeast. I did harvest it from the yeast cake.

What did it smell like to you?