Save money when extract brewing!

Now that you know you can store the large 33 lb jugs of liquid malt extract, you should know that you can save lots of money this way too.

If you know you are going to brew five batches of beer over the next few months and you don't mind using this as your base each time. Why not? You can save some serious cash over buying cans of liquid malt extract. Cost for this 33 lbs of Munton's Amber Liquid Malt Extract was $77.00 at a local homebrew store. Less than $2.5o a pound. Sure beats $4.50 a pound for the small 3.3 pound cans. Almost half the cost.

I imagine it work for the dry malt extract too. Just haven't tried it yet. That usually comes in 50 lb bags. If you really want to save money on ingredients consider going all grain.


Russ said...

About three years ago I bought a 50-lb. bag of light dry malt extract and kept it in an airtight dog food container. I've since gone all-grain but I still have a few pounds left that I use for yeast starters. It was definitely nice to never have to worry about running out of extract if your gravity from a mini-mash came up a little low.

Adam said...

Convenience is key. I hear the dry malt extract is much easier to keep for a long time. I've kept liquid malt extract in a fridge for six months with not a sign of mold etc.

I'm hell on ordering things in time so having this stuff around keeps me brewing one right after the other :-)

Otherwise I couldn't do it. I would just get frustrated and quit.

Ted Danyluk said...

Don't really use extract, but this is good to know. I've always wanted to know if extract brewing could be affordable. I guess so. It just take a bit of $ up front. Thanks.

Adam said...

You betcha! Just brewed something dark last night. Should be interesting to see how this amber LME works.