Making our own beer makes us happy. Here's why...

BTW that batch of dark beer is ready to keg. Just in time for the superbowl.

How about that last post? Thank you for the thoughtful response. I want to take the comments and put them into a slideshow or something. You know, like a badge of honor or something to put in the sidebar. I guess I'm continuing to describe the homebrew blogosphere. Might just use slide or sliderocket or something. For now these are the reasons homebrewing makes us happy.

hopshead said...
1) The excitement/thrill of enjoying and catchin' a buzz on a brew YOU made.
2) Excitement of just actually making/crafting a beer.
3) The time you spend to yourself during an all grain session
4) The fun you have researching a style or a process for making better beer.
5) Explaining to friends after they have had your homebrew and said, "man that is a good beer," that you MADE that beer.
6) And, just recently for me, teaching new people how to homebrew for themselves.

Adam said...
Brewing beer empowers me. Not sure I can explain why, but, it does.
It's a constant adventure.
I get to write about it. Lately I'm realizing that this is very important to me.
Sharing the experience with others.
It tastes good :-)
I haven't met a homebrewer I didn't like. Seriously.

marcus said...
1) The journey of crafting a beer from paper to grain to glass and blogging about it
2) Carrying on the tradition of all those before us
3) Learning the history of each style/region
4) Empowering others to do the same
5) Teaching people that there is more than BMC beers.

Timothy A. Shackton said...
Being one with the Earth, handling the raw materials with your bare hands, creating a pure, clean and fresh beer with a head retention that you cannot get, even from a local brewery. Custom designing your beer to fit your preference, challenging yourself over the years to perfect the styles that you have become happy with and always, always having a keg or two on tap for family and friends, especially during the holidays.

Brian said...
-recipe formulation
-the freedom to deviate from the initial recipe formalation on the fly
-the enjoyment brought from brewing (read "cooking" also) that many friends/family can enjoy
-the knowledge that I'll never perfect the process..for a brewing/cooking freak like myself this promises many variations moving forward on future beers
-lastly..it's beer..my beer..and I love being able to serve folks a brew they cant find anywhere else.
Cheers, and a great question!

Jason said...
For me it's an escape from my real lofe in corporate american. It helps me to relax and it's always great to be able to drink some great tasting beers with your friends and be able to brag that I made them.
If you have something to add. Please do :-) Post a comment.


Tracy Frey said...

Hey Adam,

These comments would definitely make a cool SlideRocket presentation! You can also then embed that presentation right on your blog for anyone to see. Let us know if you make one - we'd love to see it!

Take care,

Adam said...

Ok...that was freaky. :-)

Is that you GOD?


I'll let you know Tracy. Next time don't scare me like that.