January 2009 Fermentaion Friday: Brew Years Resolution

Well, I don't really like New Years Resolutions, but, Brew Years Resolutions are a different story ;-) So lootcorp, here's what's on the docket.
  • Invite more people to participate in brew sessions.
  • Continue working on the brew basement.
  • Continue reusing yeast cakes.
  • Continue to buy in bulk.
  • Keep a better variety of grains on hand.
  • Move to a bigger batch size with keggle.
  • Fill a 16 gallon keg.
  • Increase the hops yield.
  • Keep blogging and using more pictures.
  • Complete the kegerator project.

I think these are all pretty attainable. A stretch goal would be to brew something that takes more time like another barleywine, saison, sour beer, etc. and actually bottle it. Its just too easy to keg ;-) Thanks lootcorp for hosting this month.

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