Brewing a double batch of beer.

Here's the process I used. Recently I've been running out of beer so I thought I'd brew a double batch.

  • double batch: 11 gal. batch
  • partial boil: 7 gal.
  • reused yeast to save money, split yeast cake from last batch
  • twice the beer in a little longer than the time it takes to brew one extract batch
  • its winter so the immersion chiller works quickly with very cold tap water, helps when cooling the 7 gal. of wort
  • brewed a batch two weeks ago
  • saved the yeast cake in the fermenter with the airlock on
  • five days later brewed a double batch as a partial boil
  • ...
  • split the yeast cake/slurry by pouring three cups into a sanitized measuring cup
  • left the rest in the fermenter
  • chilled the wort to approx 90 degrees F
  • had a 6.5 gal and 5 gal fermenter to fill
  • racked 60% of the wort into the 6.5
  • topped off with tap water
  • added 3 cups of yeast from measuring cup to the 6.5
  • added tap water to remaining wort in the kettle to cool it down
  • racked into 5 gal carboy (the one with the remaining yeast)
  • topped off with tap water
  • rocked both carboys
  • measured final gravity of both brews
  • fermentation started overnight in a few hours
This is just a quick overview. If you have questions just email me. I'm always happy to answer questions. beerbits2@gmail.com

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