33 lbs of Muntons Amber Liquid Malt Extract is mine!

If you are looking for some try malt extract on Amazon.

I've been brewing with an extra light extract from Northern Brewer consistently over the last couple years. Thats usually my base and I just add steeping grains and hops to get what I want. The idea is that I save money and really learn how to brew with a particular ingredient by using so much. So how does it work? Pretty well. Most of the beer has been very drinkable and friends seem to enjoy it. I've brewed stouts, English Ales, Belgian Ales and various other potluck beers that I didn't try to fit into a style.

Along with the light LME I've been using a Wheat LME as a variation. Wheat also seems to give my beer more appeal with the crew. The beers are bit darker, but, all in all still very pleasant for most of my friends.

Amber liquid malt extract could prove challenging. Will the beer I brew be less palatable to my friends? Will I need to augment with light extract? My beer will look darker and have more of a caramel taste. I can't wait to find out. I have 33 lbs of it to experiment with!

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