Poll: What kind of brewer are you?

Some of us like to experiment. You know come up with that amazing beer that nobody else has ever tasted. Others perhaps feel good that they have a delicious homebrew bitter or IPA on tap all the time. Perhaps the style you like is super expensive and its cheaper to make it at home, like a Cantillion lambic. Maybe your new and you don't know yet.

My own habits have changed a bit. Even though I like to try something new every time, lately I brew old standbys every now and then out of sheer necessity. This comes from not buying commercial beer as much. Wouldn't want to run out of beer ;-)

Well, readers. What kind of brewer are you? Do you like to brew new stuff all the time or the same tried and true recipes? Take the poll. Leave a comment. Why not do both? http://beerbits2.blogspot.com/

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