Poll closed and next week's Fermentation Friday already underway!

Just checked my sidebar and it seems that Andy and Matt have already posted for the upcoming Fermentation Friday hosted at Rooftop Brew. You know, I think I like it this way. I get to read a few each day instead of trying to digest them all in one fell swoop.

You may have noticed that the recent poll closed. Thank you for participating. The polls help me discover your interests. Hopefully that will improve my posts. This time around the question put to BB2 readers was...

Are you more likely to brew the same recipe or try something different?

With forty seven votes cast and most of those votes falling into the "mostly new" and "rarely the same" categories we can safely assume we like to experiment. A substantial number of you said you were equally likely to brew a new or old recipe. Nobody said they always brew the same thing.

Again thanks for participating. If you get a chance, stop by Rooftop Brew and check out December's Fermentation Friday.

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