2008 Homebrew Blogging here and elsewhere. Starting a trip back in time.

I'm gonna Cue up the MP3s, pour a Troegs Pale Ale and fly through 2008 homebrew blog posts until I can't stand it no more. I'll need a little help in the form of an archive 'cause as a rule my memory isn't so hot. What do I remember without trying? Well lets see I think I remember my own stuff best.

Personally, Fermentation Friday ranks as one of my prouder moments. We started off with much more participation than I ever expected. I also remember a bunch of ideas like Homebrew News, Beer Crier, etc that didn't really take off. No worries. I'm hoping my writing improved, but, I'll need to browse the posts to determine that. Here's a bunch more things off the top of my head;
  • BB2 subscriber and visitor numbers stayed pretty consistent
  • made some good blogger acquaintences
  • even won a bunch of tickets to the TAP NY beer festival by writing a poem (check the sidebar)
  • brewing volume consistent with last year
  • drank less commercial beer
  • spent less money on beer related things, but, still had lots of fun
  • light hops harvest this year
  • demonstrated extract brewing to a bunch of people on teach a friend to brew day
  • got the green light for The Brew Basement project from my wife
  • brewed beer for 4th of July picnic like my grandfather did
  • found my favorite way to brew (buy in bulk and brew several weeks in a row reusing the yeast)
  • fell in love with the idea that everybody could brew their own beer
I'm sure I'm forgetting something. I'll add the links as I come across them. After I look back at my posts I'll be looking at everybody in the homebrew blogosphere. I may need to pour a second Troegs ;-)

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