Beer & Brewing Spending

I told you I would report my spending. I'm sure this is more for me than it is for you, but, here goes.
$56 @ The Sly Fox for holiday beer presents and a pint while I waited ;-)
$8 for Sam Adams Variety Pack on vacation
$19 for pints: 2 Sam Adams Octoberfest, Newcastle, Shock Top, Blue Moon
Thats $83 (cringe) over the last two weeks.
Ok this buying commercial beer at restaurants/pubs or convenience stores is killing me. So, although my spending is down. It is still more than I thought I would spend. Granted, it isn't all for me. Some of it is sitting in fridges or others helped drink it.

No more buying beer. No more buying beer. No more buying beer. Ok, I think that is helping.


Good Burp said...

This is exactly why I built my own kegerator. I was spending on average, $45 a week on 6 packs. Now I can stay home and drink from a tap for a fraction of the cost.

Adam said...

The man knows what he's talking about :-)