Been in the woods...

Getting out of the car. Stepping onto the crunchy snow. Looking around to survey the situation.

Walking back the tram road. Finding a tree, log or stump. Parking my typically overly distracted self for a few hours here in the woods. Its good to be in the woods.


Brian said...

could not agree with you more that "it's good to be in the woods". Living in Chicago for 5 years I've really missed it (my wife and I moved here from north Idaho).

Wanted to post because I'm going to start hunting early next year, just game birds for now, but wanted to ask what you hunted?

Adam said...

Hunting deer. Buck to be specific. Not a good year for my group, but, to me a day in the woods is still a huge benefit.

Thanks for dropping by. Good luck :-)

Do you like beer or perhaps even brew?