BB2 Readers: It's all about you! 2008 Retrospective

I'm thinking about putting together a retrospective post or two for 2008. Could you do me a favor? Tell me about you in a minute or less. You know stuff like. (but not limited to)
name (real or online), site if you have one (if not, just as good), where are you from, a word or a sentence that describes you, why do you read homebrew blogs, what other things are important to you, do you like pina coladas in the rain?, OR...whatever you like
I'll go first...
  • Adam
  • http://beerbits2.blogspot.com
  • homebrewer, blogger
  • brew basement is under construction, English Ale yeast and racking onto the yeast cake, sharing a homebrew porter with holiday visitors
I'll pull it all together at the end and repost a recap. Happy Holidays!

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Anonymous said...

Name: Jim L.
Location: Oreland, PA (just outside of Philly near Ft. Washington)
I'm an engineer, a homebrewer, and a runner. I read other homebrewer's blogs to see what they are brewing, and to learn from them.