2008 Retrospective: A look back at 2008 BB2 polls

Thank you for participating in the 2008 polls. I always get a kick out of hearing from the homebrew blogging crowd :-)

All that effort put into things of the past. Was it meaningful? Have my opinions changed? These questions run through my head as I look back through the polls of 2008. What did I learn? I'll give it a shot.

We're a bunch of experimenting homebrew bloggers who continually try new stuff with our homebrew. Each of us have our own favorite sites to visit. Coming together to sharing our knowledge ranks up there pretty high. High enough for a bunch of us to participate in Fermentation Friday each month. We even think we're a little different than the rest with respect to our inclination, patience and technical abilities. I guess that is why we all gather here in the homebrew blogosphere on each other's blogs.

2008 BB2 Polls

Hopefully I can use this information to improve my blogging. See you in the next retrospetive post where I take a broader look back at the homebrew blogosphere in 2008.

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