Wormwood be damned. Long live the other.

Tonight I witnessed a celebration. The likes of which you have never seen. These creatures infesting the yellow liquid are seemingly uncontrollable. Their deeds are unholy, but, their seduction speaks for itself. The tamer of wild things and bewitcher of brews sold his soul. No other explanation will suffice. Beer should not taste like this.

Again the night sky is clear. Stars and the moon shine. You are not alone. Our numbers grow everyday.


Dr Joel said...

Long live the 'wood. Anything that attracts and repels at the same time is surely magical.

Anonymous said...

1. Wormwood is bitter to an unholy level.

2. Wormwood in excess causes strange visions... which may bear witness to your post ;-)

But seriously, I've done a Yarrow gruit with a pinch of Wormwood with pleasant results.

"Anything that attracts and repels at the same time is surely magical" – I don't know about magical, but with the "attracts and repels" bit, you described my ex-girlfriend...

Adam said...

:-) And the controversy continues.