Tasting a brew and making more...

Well I'm on a roll.

Tasted the brew from Teach a Friend to Homebrew day and well it isn't finished yet. Its kegged and time to put in the fridge for some cold conditioning. I've had a few pints and there is lots of promise. Once the yeast drops and the beer clears I'll know more.

What more? The brew from Friday is finishing up. I think its ready to keg. I'll follow that up with another brew for Thanksgiving. Might even split the slurry into two and get the batch for deer season done as well.

Did you notice my little offer over there on the right? That's right. I'll teach you how to brew if In fact you need that kind of thing. I suspect most of you already know as much or more than me, but, if you know somebody who wants help let me know. Its free right now. I'm considering it market research.

Free homebrew lessons!

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