Ingredients + BB2 readers = BB2 homebrew :-)

From the "its teach a friend to brew day all year around" department...

Next up. Brewing more beer. What style? Don't really know. Style schmyle I always say. I'm thinking of stretching my ingredients and making a few batches of session beer. You know less malt, less alcohol, but, still flavorful. Maybe you have a suggestion? Style, recipe, thoughts?

If I get enough responses, we'll do this together via this blog. I'll post the suggestions, recipe, revisions, progress and explosions ;-)

Here are the ingredients I have in stock. Post a comment and tell me what to make.


Whole Flower from the back yard

Malt Extract
3 lbs Muntons extra pale liquid malt extract
20+ lbs Northern Brewer
wheat liquid malt extract

Steeping Grains
Belgian Special B

Yeast (dry yeast to save money & experiment)
Y007 Safale S-04 English Ale yeast in the
current brew (rack onto the yeast cake)
Y005 Danstar Nottingham Ale Yeast
Y008 Saflager S-23
Y014 Safale US-05
BTW I've been working on this scratch and drink gadget for Blogger that could be useful.


Jason said...

You could make an all extrac american wheat. Add some blueberry's or something and it's a good blueberry ale. Y014 Safale US-05, pale and wheat extract, and a small amount (Or big amount) of cascade.


Adam said...

Thanks Jason :-)

Barry M said...

I'd go for a porter, with about 10% Special B it'll have a nice raiseny flavour. Here's one I made earlier with similar extract and grains. You could use a little Chinook for bittering, or stick with Fuggles and the Hallertauer. Go for more IBUs than mine though to balance that Special B. Save that wonderful Cascade for something paler where it'll shine. Mmmm, cascade... Maybe throw a little wheat extract in for head and use your S-04.

I'm just a sucker for dark beers though. And nothing to do with being Irish and not being able to get nice porters or stouts (or IPAs, or pale ales) in Germany where I live now! :)

Ben said...

wheat ipa!

Barry M said...

Ohh Intersting idea. How about a winter warming Imperial India Wheat Ale!


Adam said...

Adeptus, thanks. Do you have a link to that recipe it didn't make it into the comment.

Ben, you're starting to sway me to a non-seesion beer ;-)

Thank you everybody and keep 'em comin'!

Barry M said...

Hmm, it garbled the html tag (or I did :))

Here it is in plain: http://www.irishcraftbrewer.com/Community/viewtopic.php?t=1460

Adam said...

Ahhh...that's better. I'll have to check out that forum too :-)

Barry M said...

Do! :)

It's a little community myself and a friend established in early 2007, and it's slowly growing. It's a bit weird though, as since setting it up I moved to Germany (see my blog for that experience), but that's the great thing about the web, I'm still a virtual Irish Craft Brewer ;)

Adam said...

Here's the clickable link...

Porter Recipe

Adam said...

Well I whipped up something tonight on the fly. 6lb of wheat extract, some special b, hallertau hops and I racked it onto a yeast cake of Safale S-04 English Ale yeast from my teach a friend to brew day batch.

I had to get something brewed and wanted a fresh easy drinking low abv session beer. We'll see how it goes. Its probably the closest to Jason's suggestion minus the hop bite and lower in abv. I'll post the recipe and keep you updated. BTW it is already bubbling away from the yeast cake:-)

I'll be brewing again soon. I'm going to keep working from your suggestions. Thanks for the inspirations :-)

Adam said...

A porter was born last night. Well it was dark and malty in any case. Check main blog for post with details.