:-) I brewed again.

Still working my way through my stockpile of ingredients. Brian stopped over to help me brew another batch. Used the yeast cake from the last beer. This is the third reuse of this yeast. Cha ching! Saving money. Well, except for the $20 I spent at The Sly Fox for dinner and a couple beers. I'll get to that later. About the three batches.
  • First one is a strong dark English ale with an American size dose of hops. A bit too much hops for my taste actually. I guess this will be the house beer. This one is better as it warms. I think I should have boiled more vigorously. Its kinda cloudy and has some slightly off flavors.
  • Next we have the Whip it up Wheat. A good session beer, lighter in body and much more balanced in terms of hops and malt. Should be in the 3% or 4% range.
  • Last nights 1620 Just in Time Ale v4 should be similar to the Whip it up Wheat, but, will hopefully be a bit more biscuity. We shall see. Forgot to check it this morning, but, I racked it onto the yeast cake of the Whip it up Wheat so it should be chugging along.

So brewing is going well. I'm not in better shape than I was last year at this time, but, I should be by Christmas. Last year I had my father's wedding beer to brew so there were a few partial kegs laying around.

About saving the money. Well, I'm not doing too bad. Last night really put me over the line. I made an exception and decided to go to The Sly Fox to catch up with a friend. Gotta hold my ground for the next couple weeks. Tough with the holidays coming up.

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