Busy time of year, do you feel it too?

The brew basement is moving along bit by bit. Coming soon to the blog is a picture of a pot, some kegs and misc beer stuff sitting in its new space soon. Ooooo....I'm sure you can't wait ;-) What has been done so far...
  • wife patched and painted walls
  • Purchased materials
  • Fixed some of the wall
  • dug out terrarium
  • laid moisture barrier
  • built floor frame
  • cut flooring OSB
  • cut some of the vinyl flooring
  • caulked the skylight in the terrarium
  • replaced lights with compact flourescents
  • lots of planning
It really is starting to shape up. The mold smells coming from the terrarium are almost all gone. That alone makes a huge difference. With the new paint and lights it really is brighter. I'm looking forward to some new track lighting and getting everything cleaned up. Not sure what I'll do with the wood burner at this point. Probably just tear out some of the wood that is too close to the fireplace for the new codes. Then I get to organize all my beer stuff and get it in place. Too bad I don't have any conicals. I have to remember this is all on the cheap.

Of course there are many other things to be done...
  • kids activities
  • food drive
  • coat drive
  • prepare for hunting season
  • holiday shopping
  • brewing ;-)
Right now it's a good busy. Lets hope it stays that way.

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