Brewing, life challenges and the brew basement...

:-) :-( Life is good, as in good for me right now, and bad. I have about a batch and a half on hand and ready to go. Not quite enough for the holidays. So, I'll need to brew again soon. This isn't the bad. I'll get to that. The dark beer from the fall fest is good. Might be a bit too pellet hoppy (new term?), but, still good. The dry yeast seemed to work out well enough. Also, the English session I just brewed is an unknown. Need to taste it. I have just enough time to brew another Just In Time 1620, the only beer I brew every year. Another opportunity to brew, life is good.

So what did I do today? I worked on the brew basement. Found some vinyl flooring remnants on sale, bought some OSB flooring and dug out some old 2x4s. Soon I'll have a place to put all my beer stuff. At some point I'll have a picture for you. It isn't as extravagant as it sounds. It is however a place where I can see real honest to goodness progress.

On to the lack of posting. I often think of (wait gonna get a pint of homebrew...there that's better)...OK where was I? I often think of writing more about my personal life here in this blog, but, just doesn't seem to fit. It would help me keep up the daily posting, however, my digressions would probably go too deep too quickly or perhaps too shallow too often ;-) I have been preoccupied with personal things lately and I am just this once going to dive into one of those deep pools of digression right now, if you don't mind. A personal, although I fear given current events, not exactly uncommon story follows.

For years I've been plugging along at my job. I've had my share of challenges and learning experiences. Probably a bit too much politics. Is it any different where you are? Well August 2009 marks my tenth year at my current employer. Besides being a bit more grey in the beard and earning a few more vacation days, I'm a bit richer in my relationships. My day job has brought me closer to many and in turn I have learned a great deal about myself.

Knowing this, you might understand how I feel of late. Some of my close friends and many acquaintances received their notice at work. They have been "laid off". I've been fortunate enough so far and retain my own job, but, for how long? A lay off seems to be so indiscriminate. You might be doing your job perfectly fine one day and the next your out of it. Impersonal from a business perspective and very jolting from a personal perspective. In times like these I realize I take employment for granted. I wonder how many people in the nation are doing the same?

To all of those who face tough times and to all of those who can help in times of need. I sincerely hope this finds you well and able.


Jason said...
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Jason said...

Adam....I too have been feeling the same. My company just finished "round one of three" layoffs. Thankfully, I made it through the first, but I feel like I'm walking on egg shells. It does suck to see people you've worked with for many years who have families to support get their job taken away. Sometimes I can't make sense of it...sometimes I can.

On the good side....it's made me start thinking very seriously about trying to get a job doing something I truely love....brewing! If the economy wasn't so bad, and money wasn't so tight, I might make the jump to going for it on my own with my own brewery, but thats a few years away. But, the brewery is calling me, and this recent layoff thing has got me on that thought path which could in the long run be good!

Just my two cents! Good luck with your job!


Adam said...

Thanks Jason. It is making me rethink many things too.

Good luck with the brewing. I've dreamed of it myself. Maybe someday.