Watcha doin?

Yeah you. I'm watchin' the Phillies dominate the Rays. I also watched the Steelers get schooled today. Funny sports would be so important to me. I must be slipping. Getting close to no beer in the house too.

Speaking of whiich I didn't brew. Too much stuff around the house. Oh well, I'll have to next weekend 'cause I'm demonstrating brewing at our Fall block party.

BTW happy Monday if in fact you are reading this on Monday. I'll be at work. Don't forget to write up somethin' spooky for Fermentation Friday. Since I took last month off I'll enjoy writing something about the other side.

So what are you doin'?


Jason said...

I'm searching for a job. Hopefully I won't get laid off anytime soon, but I am preparing for the worst.

What a horrible game last night. Why did they even play that game. It should have been called when the monsoon started so they could play a full game. Now that have a 3.5 inning game to play which could decide the world series?? bud Selig is horrible! Good luck to your Phil's....I'm sick of the Rays!


Adam said...

Ahhh well, Philly is going crazy. I think they just want more time to revel in this moment.

Good luck on the job hunt!