Quick updates: Finances, Hop Picking...

Hell yeah I'm on track financially! Haven't bought anymore commercial beer, except for the Spaten Oktoberfest and Pittsburgh Brewing Company's Dutch Dark. Just two pints. Yet again my father's earthly shell needed some mending. No worries. All is well. The last time that happened I visited East End Brewery. Mixed feelings about these trips. Anyway, this time it was Max's Allegheny Tavern on Pittsburgh's North Side. This place surprised me. I'll write more later. So this has to count as a trip to the pub eh. Here's the score.
brew pub 1
commercial beer pints 2
Of course I still have a couple sixpacks of beer laying around, but, I'm getting low. Better get brewin'. What's it been? A few days? (Egads what was I thinking?)

Remember those hops Bryan and I grow? Well we picked the less than impressive lot of 'em. I'll have a better idea once they're dry, but, this years yield might be one fifth of last year's. Next year we'll have to try pruning more shoots and focusing the growth on fewer bines. The Chinook however surprised me. Nothing for the last two years in the shady part of the yard. In the sun this year after a transplant and we have a good size bowl of hops flowers. Cool. (that's Cascade hop flowers in the picture)

Now you're up to date.

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