New: Stonekeep Meadery here in Pennsylvania!

Update: If you have questions for Stonekeep send them an email at info@stonekeepmeadery.com

I recently found out about a brand new meadery in Birdsboro, PA. That's right, a meadery. The first in Pennsylvania. A friend from work passed along their blackberry melomel that I'm very eager to taste. I'll be sure to let you know when I do. Their website is forthcoming. Here's a link.

Stonekeep Meadery
Birdsboro, PA

Exceptional work on the packaging wouldn't you say?


bobert said...

My Family and I are visiting this area of Penn. over the weekend. Do you know if they are open right now? And do you know of any other wineries in the area that you could recommend?

Adam said...

Good question. They just opened. I'll see if I can get some more information. This was passed on to me via a friend at work.

You could check with Manatawny Creek. They have a tasting room that's open on Fridays

Manatawny Creek

I've never been to this one, but, heard good things...

Chadds Ford

Hope that helps :-)

Anonymous said...

This is great to know! Do you know where you can buy it? On site only?

Adam said...

As far as I know. I'm trying to get some info. Stay tuned.

Adam said...

If you have questions shoot them an email info@stonekeepmeadery.com