Homebrew Few: What are the best homebrew websites out there?

Deja vu?

Let's try something new. We have somewhere around 100 daily readers here at Beer Bits 2 (via feed & site visits). That represents a lot of experience and know how. I've been around the homebrew scene for a while, but, I'm limited by my own experiences. Lets tap into the collective knowledge of the Beer Bits 2 readership. From time to time I'm gonna ask for your valuable opinion. Then I'll form those opinions into a poll. The results of that poll will become "The Homebrew Few". Inspired by LifeHacker's Hive Five. Here goes...

What are the best homebrew websites out there? You know, homebrew retailer, forums, magazines, blogs, tools, recipe databases, wikis, social networking, clubs, associations, twitter pages, whatever...OK so I'm casting a wide net.

Let 'er rip! What sites will you nominate for the Homebrew Few?


Russ said...

Well, I visit BeerAdvocate the most, as it has a very active forum with lots of great members (especially when it comes to homebrewing). However, the brothers who run the site can be a bit too heavy-handed in their moderating of the forum and that's been annoying me lately. More recently I've been on beermapping.com a lot (mainly because of the GABF Fantasy Draught they're currently running) and while their forum isn't as active I think it's incredibly useful when it comes to finding beer stores, breweries, etc. when traveling.

Adam said...

Thanks for the nominations. We're still taking more.

Come back next week for the vote.