Homebrew Few Roundup: Best Homebrew Sites

Well Monday Night Brewery stole the show in this best site collection turned popularity contest ;-) In some ways I'm surprised more sites weren't nominated, but, that's what this is all about me learning about you and you sharing with the rest of the BB2 readers. I hope you take the time to check out the sites your fellow readers nominated. There are some great ones out there.

The overall results. Sites with the most votes first.
Monday Night Brewery(31), Lazy Brewer(10), Northern Brewer(7), Brewing Network(5), Basic Brewing(3), Midwest Supplies(3), MoreBeer.com(3), Williams Brewing(3), Other(3), BeerAdvocate(2), BYO.com(2), Ted's Homebrew journal(2), BeerMapping(1), Brewing the Perfect Beer(1), Homebrew Talk(1).
The homebrew few.

Monday Night Brewery(31), Lazy Brewer(10), Northern Brewer(7), Brewing Network(5)

Hmmm...how to prominantly display these sites now? I'm thinking of moving all my fav sites to a separate page and just having the homebrew few links in the sidebar. Thanks for throwin' in your two cents!

EDIT: I'll try to work out some of the wrinkles for the next Homebrew Few. The R&D department is working on a way to block MNB referrals ;-) Also some of these sites were clearly less homebrew related than one would expect.


Anonymous said...

I can't say I'm surprised. That's what happens when you lie and cheat your way to victory. You win.

Adam said...

You know its the small victories that matter ;-) This week BB2 next year GABF ProAm!

Anonymous said...

The Lazy Brewer was, well, too lazy to self-vote his way to victory - not that the Monday Night folks would ever do anything like that! :). No hanging chads for the Lazy Brewer!

Adam said...