Don't forget to vote for your favorite homebrew sites

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Jason said...

Dude....I was kidding about my blog and nominating myself...but since I'm there, I am now going to be the kid who gets picked last in gym class. I don't even want to vote for myself...UGH! Oh well, i like the poll. You can remove me if you want...I mean, I want to keep it fair for everyone else.......and save some face for myself! :-)


Adam said...

First, you have a great site.

Second, I probably should have caught that. Sorry.

Third, well there is no third. Don't sweat it. I'll be scrambling to figure out some kind of way to get us out of this mess. Can't change the poll now that its started.


Jason said...

No prob....hey, If I get a vote, then I'll be psyched, but if not, no sweat off my back. It has to come from someone other than me though.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about it. MNB will be the story of this poll, hands down. But Adam, you do have a great homebrewing site. Some would argue more "legitimate" than our own, since you actually post your recipes.

Nonetheless, we will crush you.