Brand New! Earth Bread & Brewery

If you're in the Philly area check out the newly opened Earth Bread & Brewery. Stopped in tonight after the kids went to bed. That makes it sound like its around the corner. It was a special 30+ min trip to see one of the brewers I've truly admired for many years, Tom Baker. Ever since he and his wife shut down Heavy Weight Brewing in NJ people have been waiting for them to land again. Well Mt. Airy is the place and it is good.

A friend and I arrived after a detour around parts of Germantown Pike. Tom was outside talking and greeted us warmly. We stepped inside and took in the the first floor. The bartender was busy, but, there weren't too many people at the bar. Upon further discovery we found that the throng had just left and they were trying to catch up a bit. Good news on opening night eh? Well after a few minutes of standing there looking around we ordered some beer. 13 oz or 20 oz? 13 for us on this night thank you. The beer was delicious. There were four offerings. All were solid. I won't give tasting notes here. This night wasn't about that. Not only were house brews on the tap, but, beer from the region and slightly outside were available as well as some other well known options. Baltic Thunder is on tap and fitting don't you think? Hey even One Guy brewing made the tap list with his Octoberfest.

So get your butt down there and check it out if you can. I can't wait to go back and check out the food. Good vibes all around. If you can get a seat on the couch take it ;-) I wonder what the flatbread...er pizza is like?


Brian said...

Sounds like a great place! My sister just moved out to Philly with her family so the wife and myself should be hitting this place up before the year is out (coming from Chicago). Thanks for the great heads up!


Adam said...

You bet. Hopefully I get a chance to taste their flatbread soon.

Hey, don't miss Monk's. With your love of good food and good beer you can't go wrong. Watch for their beer dinners.

Michael Jackson called this the best beer bar in the United States...or something like that ;-)

Also check out The Brew Lounge for more Philly beer stuff.