Ask BB2 Readers: Wrap Up Part 1. Beer/Homebrew Financial Crisis

The question...

How does a financial crisis change your beer/brewing habits?

In this post I'll summarize your comments. In part two I'll talk about my conversation with my wife and our solution. Here are the BB2 reader comments with the most mentioned items at the top.

  • no effect on me
  • putting off purchasing equipment
  • homegrowing hops
  • get a brewing related job
  • don't sacrifice quality, slow the consumption and continue brewing
  • keep your own yeast bank
  • pass on the so so beers when out for dinner and have one or two homebrews at home
  • spent yeast from breweries
  • buy in bulk
  • make cuts other places, don't mess with my beer
  • keep in mind you can make great beer cheaper than you can buy a great beer
Some of these measures surprised me. Especially the ones about a brewing or homebrewing related part time job and the spent yeast from the brewery. I wonder what my wife would think about me getting a part time job. Which brings me back to my story. How would a financial crisis affect my beer or homebrewing habbits? Since this post is running long I'll stop for now. Part two will be up shortly.

Meanwhile keep the thread going if you like. Anybody taking a cue from others here? I'm giving some serious thought to getting some spent yeast from one of the local brewpubs/breweries.


Bryan Kolesar said...

Have you checked out the BUZZ group that meets at West Chester Iron Hill? IH is very homebrewing friendly and while you can't exactly walk in off the street unannounced and ask for some yeast, they are known for letting their friends (like the BUZZ group) know what kind of yeast will be available and when.

Adam said...

Why, no. I haven't. I'll check it out.

Thanks Bryan.

You know, I was thinking that I'm surprised nobody suggested, "Have friends buy beer for me." Aren't you? Nudge nudge..wink wink.

My favorites...
Most Alt Biers
Nice sessionable english ales
Any homebrew you might have laying around.

But, I digress ;-)